Bassem Terkawi- Senior Marketing And Communications Director €- TDIC

“When we pitched for the production of Saadiyat’s first TV commercial, we were determined to choose the best of the best. We needed to ensure that Saadiyat’s first debut on the TV screen was represented up to the standard that we believe Saadiyat to be as a destination. Milkshake represented their selves as a strong team with an integrated approach in the meeting room, but once hired they delivered beyond our expectations during the pre-production, production and post-production stages. Dev has a unique talent of bringing the right people on board customized for the project. Their ability to be flexible yet problem solvers really gave us peace of mind during the stressful process of producing a large scale TV ad such as ours. You can really see the attention to detail that has been put into it when seeing the finished product. Thank you Milkshake .”

Jeet Surendranath - Producer/Partner - Far Commercials, Mumbai

Dubai, and the UAE have very frankly always been a night mare venue for our filming projects, literally over the last decade...Suddenly here comes Dev and his Milkshake team....Truly like an oasis in a desert…and changes everything ...providing our first truly superb Dubai filming experience and our team at FAR yearns for many more Dubai location shoots.. Right through the initial discussions, the working on design, locations, art, talent sourcing, and budgeting, down to the last detail on our 5 day stint we were amazed at the precision and efficiency of Dev, Natasha, and their super team... Looking forward to our next UAE shoot schedule…”

Robert Mitchell, CEO Zed Communications

“Zed worked with Dev and the Milkshake team on our commercial to celebrate the 40th UAE National Day, the one with the voice of His Highness the late Sheikh Zayed. As you can imagine, the expectations were high and the pressure to deliver something outstanding was intense. However, Dev and the team were really professional and went the extra mile to deliver what we were looking for, on time and in budget. Working with Milkshake is like working in the US or Europe for me, the sense that everyone - Agency, Client, Production, Director - is all part of one team and fully focused on getting the best possible result together. When we needed anything on set, props or equipment, it was always there and any money discussions were secondary to them. These guys really deserve every success in the market, I wish them well.”

Moneer Barakat, Film Director

"Just as their name is unique, so is their approach to doing films. I've found on all the projects I've done for them that their priority first and foremost is to provide ideas to add value to the process from PreProduction to Final Edit. And whether it was a big TV commercial or a small documentary I was filming for them, the attitude remained the same. This is thanks to no small part to Dev who is a real film person. With his passion, great organization skills and attention to details, he made my life as a director so easy. And so rewarding as some of the best films on my showreel are produced by Milkshake. Great name for a great team"

Sean Fitzpatrick, Director-DOP

“Shooting in Dubai always presents challenges, but not this time. All thanks have to go to Dev and his Milkshake team for a very smooth and relaxed production. I was particularly impressed by the team's dedication and their attention to detail. This was all masterfully managed by Dev, and his experience in the film business really helped us achieve some great stuff. And to top it all we had great fun doing it!”

Aamir Alibhoy, GM, BBDO Pakistan

"Milkshake Media were truly a receptive and committed partner. I was thoroughly impressed with Dev and his team members ability to deliver under pressing timelines as well as add value each step of the way. Their director research was thorough, and the overall production was solid. I can confidently say that the experience was on par with top productions I have been part of in both the Middle East as well as Asia."

- Mamta Vererkar, Senior Business Manager, Tonic Communications

“I’d highly recommend Milkshake Media for their flexible approach and thoroughly professional attitude. Dev and his team were very attentive to our needs and are a breath of fresh air in the production arena.”

Christian Aeby, Director @Radical Media

“Big fun to work with Milkshake Media - you anticipated our simple and improvised way of shooting things. Always friendly and helpful and in a light atmosphere. This is what we needed, and what helped to be really creative. Yes, we'll be back - especially for these innumerous location possibilities that Dubai offers. Thanks again for all this!”

Till Hohmann, CCO, JWT Group Germany (former ECD Memac Ogilvy)

“Milkshake Media is more than a production house. Much more. Because its not about pushing a few Directors. Its about a comprehensive offering paired with the highest level of business understanding and professionalism. The access to a multitude of talent and different production partners allows for a much faster and much better search. A one stop shop for finding the right production team is just what many agencies need. One can only congratulate Mr. Vaswani for starting this enterprise.”

Nadine Saleh Hassan, Head of Communications - Alternative Investments & Infrastructure - Group Communications, Mubadala

Their flexible and collaborative approach ensured high quality results. It was a real pleasure to work with a diverse team of professionals who were relentless, and highly impressive in making sure our vision comes to life.